solo exhibition
“Prisoner of habit”
Nov. 6 – Dec. 6 2015
Akita University of Art
Biyong Point gallery


Akita University of Art will be putting on a solo exhibition of the artist-in-residence project. The guest artist this time is Masaru Iwai (b.1975), who works closely with local communities around the world.
For this project, Iwai is going to spend 33 days in Araya, Akita City to produce his works, and anyone can visit his residence and studio, “ARAYA ICHINO” to communicate with the artist and many people. Process and result of his work will be exhibited in “BIYONG POINT”, the gallery located in the office of local cable television network. With this gallery, this project has a chance to collaborate with the media, takes on regional issues from various perspectives.
Though his various works, Iwai has highlighted our ‘habits’ and how they affect regional problems. We look forward to his way of work bringing new perspectives to Akita with regional challenges. We hope this project can offer an opportunity to reflect on our life as a member of society.

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