Reborn Art Festival 2017
22(Sat).July – 10(Sun).Sep
Oshika area, Ishinomaki city

The Reborn-Art Festival is a new type of festival where people could enjoy “ART”, “MUSIC”, and “FOOD”.
Artworks created by renowned artists from around the world in collaboration with local people will be exhibited in the Ishinomaki and Oshika areas, along with live music performances being held that would give a new twist to your concept of music festivals. In addition to these, people would be able to savor dishes prepared by top chefs of Japan and food specialists of Tohoku.

It is now in Tohoku that is hustling to become reborn where you could encounter values and people you would never meet elsewhere.
You would even encounter with a new self you never knew before.
“Reborn” is a festival that aims not only to regenerate Tohoku, but also hope that you yourself would be “Reborn”.

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