single channel fullHD video with sound
Berlin, Germany

I had the opportunity to stay in Berlin for three months as an artist in residence program. The original plan was to cover and examine the relationship between modernization, public health, and Japan. I was also interested in the gentrification (redevelopment and improvement of low-income neighborhoods) of the Kreuzberg area, where Bethanian is located as a geographic feature. It seemed to me that gentrification could be layered with the process of public health spreading. The human good of public health and the improvement of the district, both of which depend on their usefulness.

During staying there, I sanitized the feces falling on the streets with hydrogen peroxide water and alcohol (hygienic approach) or painted the surfaces (aesthetic approach). While repeating such fieldwork in more than 30 places, I finally faced the shit on the street with an approach related to cosmetology.

cosmetology on the street
cosmetology on the street