Singlechannele HD video, with sound
Wakabacho, Yokohama

This is the third in the Dancing Cleanse series. This work was created for a group exhibition held in Wakabacho, Yokohama. The word “Social dance” comes from the translation of “sociality dance”, which now means “ballroom dance”. The western dance was imported to Japan from the Meiji era (1868-1912), and it was a pastime that spread from Tsurumi’s dance halls to the wealthy from the Taisho era(1912-1926). The Japanese English term “social dance” is also widely circulated in the country. The planning was based on the “society and dance” of the Japanese English language. Also, at the time of making, dance had subject to various regulations in places other than dance schools by Law on Control and Improvement of Amusement and Entertainment Businesses (after that Law was amended on June 24, 2015). When I was researching the area around Wakaba-Cho, I heard that according to one survey, there were people from about 150 countries and regions living there. I found it hard to believe, but I checked the statistics of the Ministry of Justice and found that there are 191 foreign residents in Japan, so I guess it’s not impossible. The atmosphere of the city is also filled with signs from various countries, mainly from Asia. Together with foreign artists, international students, and residents of Japan, about 100 people participated in a “Social dance” that started with cleaning on the street.