Alserkal Arts Foundation
08. MAR. 2023

Starts 6:30 pmEnds 8:00 pmVenue : Alserkal Arts Foundation Warehouse 50/51 Masaru will share work-in-progress which examines the social symbolic meanings of cleaning and cleansing through video, photography,…

Official Exhibition Catalog
Tokyo Photographic Art Museum

Participate artists : Rui Mizuki, Hana Sawada, Yuki Tawada, Kosuke Nagata, Masaru Iwai Write and Edit : Miyuki Endo (Tokyo Photographic Art Museum)Design : Yurie HataPublished : Tokyo…

SEEING AS THOUGH TOUCHING 2. SEP. – 11. DEC. 2022 Tokyo Photographic Art Museum This exhibition has been held since 2002 as a venue for fostering a creative spirit for discovering the potential of photography and moving images, finding promising artists,…

Document leaflet has been published

Masaru Iwai Open studio program 83How to cleanup the museum18. Dec. 2021 – 27. Feb. Japanese / EnglishTrifold A4 finishText: Ryoko Kamiyama (Fuchu art museum), Masaru Iwai Photo:…

@Yokohama civic gallery
04. DEC. 2021
Reservations are required

Open studio program # 83
Fuchu Art Museum
18. DEC. 2021 – 27. FEB. 2022

Iwai will be doing open studio and exhibition at the Fuchu Art Museum this winter.

Yokohama Triennale 2020 Official Catalog. Digital English version is now available for free on the official web page.

The digital edition of Yokohama Triennale 2020 official catalog is now on view for free on the official website.The printed editions (available in English and Japanese) will go…

( from 4:28am
26. MAY. 2020 – 26. MAY. 2021)

Brooming dogma Wear a mask Radius of 1m 365 seconds 365 days a year Record 24 hours in one year Do not sweep the same place Outdoor public…

Yokohama Triennale 2020
17. JUL. – 11. OCT. 2020 Episōdo 06 IWAI Masaru Broom stars

Artist Book Masaru Iwai Works 01

MASARU IWAI  WORKS 01size 250x350mm96p (color 64p、B/W 32p) with 4 sheets of A2 posters English / JapanesePublisher: read only3000 JPY (with tax)*Not available for shipping internationally now

An interview about Broom stars was published in the web magazine STIR world.

“Masaru Iwai’s online-offline project ‘Broom Stars’ focuses on issues of cleansing” The Japanese artist’s project, featuring photos of people occupied in an act of cleaning, discusses normative beliefs…

Solo exhibition “Control diaries”
5. SEP. – 10. OCT. 2020
Takuro Someya Contemporary Art

Takuro Someya Contemporary Art is pleased to announce Control Diaries, a solo exhibition by Masaru Iwai held from September 5 to October 10. It has been three years since Iwai’s…

“Identity XVI – My Home? -”
curated by Kenichi Kondo
nichido contemporary art
21. AUG. – 26. SEP. 2020 Venue: nca | nichido contemporary artDate: 2020.8/21 (Fri.) – 9/26 (Sat.)Opening hours: Tue. ~ Sat. 11:00 – 19:00 (Closed on Sunday, Monday and National holidays)Participating Artists: Tarek…

Will try, Do to stop and start again. Archive of Koganei Artful Action 2009-2017

Analyze of Dancing cleansing “Club”, Koganei, TokyoProduction: NPO Artful ActionPublished: Arts Council TokyoBook design: Yoichi MatsudaJapanese only2018Book introductionPDF download

Document: Saga AIR program 2016-2018
Begin to Revolve, Begin to Melt and Begin to Overflow.

Writer: Naoko Ikeda, Masaru Iwai, Takayoshi Tsuchiya, Mariko Fukuchi, Shigeru FurukawaEditor and Design: Keita Ishimaru, Naoko Ikeda, Masaru Iwai, Nayu Egashira, Masanori SagaPublished: Saga Contemporary Art Study groupJapanese…

Motorcycle washing

2channel synchronized 4K video, with sound10’43”Thailand2017 Making a residency program in Thailand. Baan Noon, a town near the border with Myanmar. There are many Myanmar workers here, both…

Mask from the sky

2channel 4K video with soundportrait video: 5’55″(loop), making video: 5’55(loop)Mask: φ30cm, porcelain, Materials collected from the rooftop, 8piecesSaga, Japan2018 I had residency each 2 or 3 weeks in…

Prisoner of habit 2015-2016
Document Book

Archive of Akita Artist-In-Residence program 2015-16Writer: Masaru Iwai, Ayako Osanai, Eriko Kimura, Yuka KeinoEditor: Yuka Keino, Masaru IwaiDesign: Shinpei OnishiPublished: AKIBI plus, Akita University of Art 2017

The Stratigraphy of Related to Work

Single channel 4K video with sound, shredded paper from Yokohama civic galleryFootage from Sebastian Matthias “x/groove space”11’11”2018New “Artists Today” Exhibition 2018 Unfixed Perspectives On the TV screen that serves…


illegally dumped waste, wire, bolt, wood, others.h6m x ø12m, h3m x ø6m, h1.5m x ø3mIshinomaki, JapanReborn Art Festival2017 Reborn art festival was held in Ishinomaki City, which was…

White building washing

Synchronized 3 channel fullHD video with sound 11’50” Phnompenh, Cambodia. 2012 In 2012, I stayed in Phnom Penh, Cambodia for a couple of months as part of a…

Galaxy wash

single channel HD video with sound 14’45” 2008 I became interested in the excessive action of washing and cleansing. The idea of cleanliness changes from person to person and…

100 fish (Or before and after of epicure)

single channel FullHD video with sound 13’15” Batumi, country of Georgia 2014 A port town Batumi in Georgia. The area is close to Turkey and nearby the site…

Cosmetology on the street

single channel fullHD video with sound 10’55” Berlin, Germany 2012 I had the opportunity to stay in Berlin for three months as an artist in residence program. The…

We Work HERE

Contributed essayEditor: Mirai-InstituteAD and Design: Shinpei OnishiPublisher: Teruo KurosakiPublished: Mirai-Institute2016ISBN: 978-4-908774-68-3Japanese OnlyAmazon

Maintenance Required
Exhibition catalog

Editor: Benjamin YoungProject managers: Sarah Lookofsky and Benjamin YoungDesigner: Rob Carmichael, seenEnglish onlyISBN: 0-87247-159-2Published: Whitney Museum of American ArtPlease download PDF and ebooks from the following Washing stage

Flag cleaning

single channel HD video with sound.1’50”Taipei, Taiwan2010

Senjoh (cleansing / washplace / battle field)

Full HD video, sounds7’35”2012

camera, bloom and dust-cloth

Dancing cleansing “Club”, Koganei, Tokyo : video works, making video and footage by students DVDProduction: Masaru IwaiMaking video production: Kazune Yahikozawa, Keita TakamineSupported: NPO Artful Action2013

On the front line of fringe art
Archive of University’s art project, monographs

Contributed essay, photogravureEditor: AKIBI plusDesigne: See Visions Inc.Published: Akita University of ArtsJapanese only2017Only essay PDF download

Introduction 0123 to art project

Artworks was printed in photogravure, 10 pagesAuthor: Nozomu OgawaDesigne: Kosuke HaradaEditor: Ayako Adachi, Juri UshikuPublished: Tokyo Art Research Lab, Tokyo metropolitan foundation for history and culture2011Japanese only Book…

Dancing cleansing, “Club”, Koganei, Tokyo

2channele synchronized HD video, with soundKoganei, Tokyo2013 This is the fourth in the Dancing Cleanse series. it was an artist-in-elementary school program. There is a lot of “club…

Dancing cleansing, “Social dance”, Yokohama

Singlechannele HD video, with sound6’30Wakabacho, Yokohama2011 This is the third in the Dancing Cleanse series. This work was created for a group exhibition held in Wakabacho, Yokohama. The…

Bijutsu-techo Oct. 2009
Art magazine

Interview to Tatsu NishinoEditor: Hiroyasu YamauchiPhoto: Eiki MoriPublished: BTCompany CO.,LTD.Japanese

Everyone’s carpet

ramda printdust in the carpet, glue paper, wood panelTeheran, Iran2007 in Tehran, the capital of Iran. I visited the houses and cleaned the carpet with a carpet cleaner…

Washing stage

performanceparticipants, shampoo, detergent, meat, vegetables, otherwood stage6ftx6ftx2ftThe Kitchen, New York2013Maintenance Required

Polishing housing

variableNagasaki, Japan2009 The exhibition was held at a former pottery factory gallery in Hasami-Cho, Nagasaki Prefecture, famous for producing porcelain and ceramics. I took pictures of the construction…

Bijutsu-techo Feb. 2007
Art magazine

Contributed essayPublished: BTCompany CO.,LTD.ASIN: B000M5KAG2Japanese