Single channel 4K video with sound,
shredded paper from Yokohama civic gallery
Footage from Sebastian Matthias “x/groove space”
New “Artists Today” Exhibition 2018 Unfixed Perspectives

On the TV screen that serves as the working table, the work scenes filmed in the past are shown, but the images degrade and become harder to see as new work is filmed. The working situation was not related to each other, but for me, the places (basically visited for exhibitions and productions) and people are related, and this document film can be a stratigraphy of my at the time.
At the Yokohama Citizens’ Gallery, where I presented my work, I pick up the shredded trash from the office of the gallery since I was ordered to do the exhibition and put it into the venue to link it to the film. After the film is over, the lights in the hall are turned on for three minutes, and the audience wait in the shredded trash for the next screening.

installation view. photo by Ken KATO

special thanks: Sebastian Matthias, Jubal Battisti, Lisanne Goodhue, Deborah Hofstetter, Oskar Landstrom, Harumi Terayama, Idan Yoav, Atsuhiro Ito, Yoko Seyama, Mira Moschallski, Nanako Nakajima, Kazue Abe, Rikiya Yamakawa, Tagayasu Co., Ltd., Masafumi Ishikawa, NPO Life Stage, Yoshihiro Shinjo, Taro Kawamoto, Miyoko Goto, Kae Ito, Aono Ito, Ryota Niizeki, Mito Niizeki, Mika Niizeki.