illegally dumped waste, wire, bolt, wood, others.
h6m x ø12m, h3m x ø6m, h1.5m x ø3m
Ishinomaki, Japan
Reborn Art Festival

Reborn art festival was held in Ishinomaki City, which was severely damaged by the Great East Japan Earthquake. after I repeated research, I was able to confirm that there was a lot of illegal dump in the mountains there. There were so many old things that seemed to live together in a symbiotic atmosphere, it felt like a world of animation. At the same time, The wild deer had been dumped in the mountains after exterminated as a harmful animal by hunters. My original plan, I had “nature” was a big keyword, but afterward, I focused on the communication between the mountains and people (not just residents), including illegal dumping. The “lost thing ema (a picture offered to the god of the sea so that God would not be offended by something the fisher dropped in the sea.)” in the area is also an example of “exchange”.

Before the opening of the art festival, we went into the mountains to collect dumps. We pulled up refrigerators, tires, washing machines, etc. in the midst of the mountain leach and ticks. In addition to the deer that had been exterminated, we hung one object on one frame equally until the end of the exhibition. The dome, which like a 3-dimensional specimen box, made it possible to observe the dumped material.